Esperanza Festival Itinerary for 3/14

itinerary_txtEsperanza Jazz Festival Itinerary
March 14, 2015
@ Esperanza High School
1830 Kellogg Drive
Anaheim, CA 92807

Here’s the Esperanza Schedule as a PDF to download/print

All bands and combo’s competing…

Jazz 2 & Combo B

9:30pm Call time
10:00pm Depart LAHS
10:30pm Arrive EHS

Combo B

11:00pm Combo B Warm-up
11:30pm Combo B Performance


Jazz 2

12:25pm Jazz 2 Warm-up
1:00pm Jazz 2 Performance
1:30pm Lunch Jazz 2 & Combo B
1:00pm Bus arrives at LAHS to pick up Combo A
1:30pm Bus returns to EHS with Combo A
2:30pm Bus takes Jazz 2 & Combo B back to LAHS
2:30pm Bus picks up Jazz 3 from LAHS
3:00pm Bus returns to EHS with Jazz 3


Combo A

12:45pm Call time at LAHS
1:00pm Depart LAHS
1:30pm Arrive EHS
2:30pm Combo A Warm-up
3:00pm Combo A Performance



Jazz 3

2:15pm Call Time
2:30pm Depart LAHS
3:00pm Arrive EHS
4:15pm Jazz 3 Warm-up
4:50pm Jazz 3 Performance
5:00pm Bus picks up Jazz 1 from LAHS
5:30pm Bus returns to EHS with Jazz 1
5:30pm Bus departs EHS with Jazz 3 back to LAHS
6:00pm Bus returns to LAHS with Jazz 3
6:30pm Bus returns to EHS


Jazz 1

4:45pm Call time
5:00pm Depart LAHS
5:30pm Arrive EHS
6:35pm Jazz 1 Warm-up
7:10pm Jazz 1 Performance
8:00pm Awards
8:30pm Depart EHS
9:00pm Arrive LAHSНакопители информацииclick here to investigate