Western Bands Festival @ Upland 2/28 Itinerary

itinerary_txtWestern States Jazz Festival at Upland High School

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Jazz 1, 2, 3 & Combo A Itinerary

Revised as of 2/18/15 

Jazz #3 

8:00AM Call Time

8:30AM Depart LAHS

9:30AM Arrive Upland HS

10:30AM Bus leaves UHS

Jazz #3 (West Gym)

10:00AM Warm-Up

10:30AM Perform

11:00AM Clinic

12:00PM Lunch (Jazz #3)

11:30AM Bus Arrives LAHS (pick up Jazz 1 & 2 and Combo A)

12:30PM Bus Arrives Upland HS (drop off Jazz 1 & 2 and Combo A)

12:35PM Bus Departs Upland HS with Jazz #3

1:35PM Bus Arrives LAHS drops off Jazz #3

2:35PM Bus Returns Upland HS

Jazz #2 (Auditorium)

2:00PM Warm-Up

2:30PM Perform

3:00PM Clinic

4:00PM Bus takes Jazz #2 back to LAHS

5:00PM Bus Arrives LAHS with Jazz #2

5:10PM Bus Leaves LAHS

6:15PM Bus Arrive Upland HS

Combo A (Library) bring drum set

3:30PM Warm-Up

4:00PM Perform

4:30PM Clinic

Jazz #1 (Auditorium) Jazz 1 itinerary (PDF) 

5:15PM Warm-Up

5:45PM Perform

6:15PM Clinic

7:30PM Bus Departs Upland HS

8:30PM  Bus Arrives LAHS

**If a student is NOT riding the bus please inform Mr. Rush via email no later than 2/27/15 @ 2:30PM JRush@losal.org.  Mr. Rush will NOT except notes the day of the event.  Please plan accordingly and inform him ahead of time.  Thank you for your understanding.

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