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Important Jazz Booster Club Meeting 3/31

Just a reminder we have a Parent Booster meeting this Monday, March 31st at 7 pm. From 7- 7:30 is for everyone. Jazz 3 parents we will discuss a festival in San Diego. Then at 7:30 is our Reno meeting for Jazz 1 & 2 parents.

We are confirmed for all three bands to play at the Mount Sac Festival on May 3. This is on our Jazz band website but not on the calendar that was given at the first of the year. Please mark it down.

I am still waiting on the Class Notes DVD. Once they are done I will pass them out to those who ordered them.

Our Jazz Banquet is on Tues. May 27th 6:00 pm at Old Ranch Country Club.

See you on Monday,

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Fullerton Jazz Festival Itinerary 3/22

Fullerton Jazz Festival 3/22/14
Jazz 1,2,3 Combo A & B

Jazz 3
8:00am Call Time
8:30am Depart LAHS
9:00am Arrive Fullerton College
9:30am Warm Up (RM 1310)
10:00am Perform (RM 1319 Dodson Theatre across the street south side)
10:45am Depart Fullerton College
11:15am. return LAHS

Jazz 2/ Combo A & B
11:15am. Call Time
11:30am. Depart LAHS
12:00pm. Arrive Fullerton College

Jazz 2
12:30pm Warm Up (RM 1112)
1:00pm. Perform (Recital Hall RM 1111)

Combo A
(Jazz 2 watches performance)
1:30pm Warm Up (RM 229)
2:00pm Perform. (RM 224)

Combo B
(Jazz 2 watches performance)
3:00PM. Warm Up (RM 1310)
3:30PM Perform (Dodson Theatre)

Jazz 2 & Combo B (minus Emily Blumenthal)
4:00PM Depart Fullerton College
4:30PM Arrive LAHS

Jazz 1
2:45PM Call Time
3:00PM Depart LAHS
3:30PM. Arrive Fullerton College
4:30PM. Warm Up (Theatre Shop)
5:00PM. Perform (Campus Theatre)
6:00PM. Awards (Campus Theatre)
7:00PM. Depart Fullerton College
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Reno Payments Due

Today (3/10) you child will come home with an envelope. This is the Reno monies due. Don Zeccola has sent you your Reno balance. This needs to be placed in the envelope sent home today and returned no later than this Friday, March 14,2014
It is important that it is received THIS Friday as we are paying our balances due on the hotel and busses.

I you have questions regarding Reno please feel free to contact me.

Thank you so much!
Patricia Crew

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Irvine Jazz Festival Itinerary

Irvine Jazz Festival 3/15

Jazz 2

7:00am Call Time/ load truck
7:30am Leave LAHS
8:30am Arrive IHS
9:00am Warm Up (IM-band room)
9:30am Perform (Theatre)
10:00am Clinic (choir room)

Combo B

(Matt Matilla, Jaden, Max, Todd)
11:30am Warm Up (S-10)
11:30am Perform (Drama Room)
12:00pm depart IHS
1:00pm Return LAHS

Jazz 3

12:45pm Call Time
1:00pm Leave LAHS
2:00pm Arrive IHS
2:15pm Warm Up (S 11)
2:45pm Perform (Gym) on stage
4:00pm leave IHS
5:00pm return LAHS

Jazz 1

2:45pm Call Time
3:00pm Leave LAHS
4:00pm Arrive IHS
4:30pm Warm Up (IM- band room)
5:00pm Perform (Theatre)
5:30pm Clinic (Choir Room)
6:00pm Awards (Theatre)
6:30pm Leave IHS
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Financial Info for Reno

From: Donald Zeccola <>
Subject: Financial Update and Reno Payments

Date: March 9, 2014 at 1:35:22 PM PDT

Hello All,

We just completed a very successful Classnotes program and are just starting our festival season.  Mr. Rush and the kids are working hard,  everyday, to make us all proud.  The boosters have an obligation to support the program both with volunteers and with financial contributions and fundraising.  We still have a ways to go in financing the balance of this year.  We need everyone’s help.

1.  The suggested family contribution for Jazz musicians established at the beginning of the year is $300.  As of today, we are $4,000 short of the goal of $300 contributed by each family for each student.  We are still accepting donations.  Please consider contributing to LAHS Jazz.

2.  The required $365.00 per musician for transportation and lodging in Reno is due this Friday, Mar 14.  We are a long way from satisfying that requirement.   There are only 10 musicians out of 43 from Jazz 1 and 2 who are fully paid for Reno.

If your child is not fully paid for Reno, I will send you a separate email with your statement shortly. If you do not hear from me, and don’t know how much you owe, please let me know.

By the way, we are recruiting a treasurer for next year.  Now would be the time to volunteer, so we can get you trained before you take over at the end of the school year.  Please let Christine or I know if you are interested.

Thank you,

Don Zeccola

LAHS Jazz Treasurer

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